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People are at the core of our health system. But right now, we don’t have a comprehensive, system-wide understanding of the people power needed to care for patients, or a plan to keep our system running efficiently while delivering excellent care. This needs to change.

If we want to continue to build a 21st-century health system that responds to the needs of Ontarians, government needs to work in partnership with health stakeholders toward a comprehensive and integrated health human resources strategy.

The view from the front lines is crucial to make this a success. Only by collaborating will we be able to make sure we have the right complement of health professionals to respond to the demands and challenges that lay ahead.

Recommendation:  We are asking the government to work in partnership with health organizations and stakeholders to develop a robust long-term vision and strategy for health human resources to ensure we have enough people – and the right professionals – on the front lines of care.

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