Wesley Green, RPN, has been a full-time staff nurse in the float pool at Trillium Health Centre for the past five years, working on medicine, surgical, rehab, and continuing care in-patient areas.

Wesley began his career in nursing seven years ago. Nursing is his first career. Wesley graduated in 2005 from Lambton College in Sarnia, completing much of his clinical nursing education at Blue Water Health in Sarnia, before being hired into a temporary part-time position on a general surgical floor. He was then hired into a full time position at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial on a medical/respiratory unit. Wesley also worked on a cardiology/neurology unit before he began his current work at Trillium Health Centre.

Wesley plays a number of key roles at his current organization, including being an active member of the Nursing Advisory Council, a Best Practice Champion, and most recently a RPNAO Workplace Liaison. The merger of Trillium Health Centre with Credit Valley Hospital at the end of November 2012, which created Trillium Health Partners, has meant additional work for the Nursing Advisory Council, including work on system integration and formalizing many of Trillium’s nursing policies and procedures.

Trillium is also currently working towards becoming an RNAO Best Practice Spotlight Organization, and Wesley is actively involved as a Best Practice Champion for the implementation of the RNAO Best Practice Guideline,Developing and Sustaining Nursing Leadership. As a Best Practice Champion, Wesley is part of the team implementing the BPG across the organization.Being a Best Practice Champion requires him to commit to attending monthly meetings over the course of the next three years.

The new RPNAO Liaison role that Wesley has embraced involves disseminating information between the professional association and his colleagues in the organization.The role includes communicating information related to the supports and outreach programs offered by RPNAO and providing RPNAO with feedback from RPNs in the workplace. In November 2012, Wesley was instrumental in promoting a townhall event held by RPNAO for RPNs in Mississauga.

As a nurse, Wesley finds enrichment in lifelong learning and the continuing growth of his knowledge and skills. Wesley has completed both an Operating Room Nursing and Neuroscience Nursing 1 Certificate. Wesley is rightfully proud of being one of the first RPNs to complete the Neuro Nursing Certificate, as this certificate was previously offered only to RNs. Wesley considers continuous learning to be one of the greatest benefits of having a career in nursing. He feels there is always a greater level of knowledge to be gained in any area of practice.

“Nursing is never boring” says Wesley. This mantra is something he truly lives by. Wesley believes there are always opportunities to explore and expand one’s own skills and abilities, in every aspect of life, not only in nursing. In his personal life Wesley finds enjoyment in travel, road trips and camping. He also counts hiking,photography and geocaching amongst his hobbies – pastimes he feels contribute greatly to his interest in exploring and learning.

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