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Use the search terms provided below to check with your local institutions/private educators/career colleges for further information and current availability, click on the college links below to search their course databases, or access the Ontario Learn site for a comprehensive list of on-line courses offered by Ontario Colleges.

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Administration of Medication
Advanced Law & Mental Health for RPNs
Antepartum Nursing
Arrhythmia Interpretation
Assessment Skills for Nurses
Breastfeeding Program
Complex Continuing Care Certificate
Counseling Skills in Oncology
Cross Cultural Awareness for Health Care Practitioners
Dementia Studies
Diabetic Educator
Disability Management Certificate
Foot Care
Forensic Mental Health Nursing Certificate
Health Assessment Theory Review
IM Injections
Infection Control & Epidemiology
Interprofessional Professional Preceptor Workshop
Intro to Mental Health, Addictions & Concurrent Disorders
Introduction to Medical Research
Introduction to Psychology
IV Initiation & Maintenance
Leadership (RPNAO)
Maternal Newborn Certificate
Medication Review
Mental Health Nursing
Nursing Care of Children with Cardio- Respiratory Disorders
Occupational Health Nursing Certificate
OR Nursing
Palliative Care
Patient Centred Care (RPNAO)
Pediatric Assessment
Professionalism & Ethical Practice
RPN Refresher Course
RPN Oncology
RPN Oncology Graduate Certificate
RPN Orthopedic Nursing
Wound Management (Management of Wounds)




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