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Leadership 4: Optimizing RPNs to Full Scope

Despite the fact that Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) make up more than a third of Ontario’s nursing workforce, a newly released report reveals that there is a significant lack of understanding among nurses, nursing leaders and educators in terms of the role of the RPN or how they can be best utilized.

“We knew there were role clarity issues affecting RPNs but even we were shocked by the degree to which this entire category of nurses continues to be misunderstood,” said Dianne Martin, Executive Director of WeRPN, which led the report. “Not only does this confusion translate into stress for the RPNs who are being improperly utilized, but it can contribute to inefficient health care teams and sub-optimal patient outcomes.”

The report, titled, It’s all about synergies: Understanding the role of the RPN in Ontario’s health care system, highlights the rampant confusion about the role of the RPN. For its research, WeRPN surveyed nurses of all categories and sectors from across Ontario. The resulting report serves as a roadmap that nurses, nurse employers and nurse educators can use to improve their understanding of the scope and appropriate engagement of the RPN role in Ontario’s health care system.


This 8 week online e-learning course with an overview of RPN-focused research, will provide nurses with an understanding of the factors that support or hinder the appropriate utilization of RPNs working to full scope of practice, as members of the interprofessional team.

Weekly reading an activates that will bring a clearer understanding with;

  • The myths and misconceptions of the RPN role
  • How to refocus the discussion to the patients’ care needs
  • How to be comfortable with the ambiguity of understanding distinct and overlapping scopes of practice

Participants will receive a certificate of completion that may be useful for their QA (Quality Assurance) learning plan for the College of Nurses of Ontario.

Course start dates

  • January 20th 2020 – March 16th 2020.
  • May 4th 2020 – June 22-2020

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Refunds may be requested, and a full refund will be issued prior to the course start date. Within the first week, a refund minus an administrative fee will be issued. At any time after the initial week, a partial refund will be provided or the course may be deferred to a later date. No refunds will be provided after 50% of the course is complete, a deferral to another course may be given and must be taken within a year of initial registration.