Leadership 4: Optimizing the scope of RPNs

Despite the fact that Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) make up more than a third of Ontario’s nursing workforce, WeRPN has found that there is a significant lack of understanding among nurses, nursing leaders and educators in terms of the role of the RPN or how they can be best utilized. This course runs: Winter (Jan 16) and Summer (June 19) 2023.


This 8-week e-learning course is the 4th in the Leadership series with an overview of RPN-focused research. It will provide nurses with an understanding of the factors that support or hinder the appropriate utilization of RPNs by optimizing their scope of practice, as members of the intra-professional team. Weekly reading and activities will bring a clearer understanding of;

  • The myths and misconceptions of the RPN role
  • How to refocus the discussion to the patients’ care needs
  • How to be comfortable with the ambiguity of understanding distinct and overlapping scopes of practice

Weekly Course Schedule/ Timetable:

Week Topic Content




·       WeRPN Research

·       Key findings of research

2 Scope of Practice & Role Overlap


·       Scope of Practice

·       Scope Onion

·       Nursing Process

·       Role Overlap



Three Factor Framework ·       Client

·       Nurse

·       Environment



Teamwork ·       Effective Teamwork

·       High Functioning Teams

·       Deciding on Acuity



Consultation and Collaboration ·       Myth Busting

·       Myth Busting

·       CNO Ethics Practice Standard

·       Conflict and Conflict Resolution

6 Communication ·       Nursing Education and RN/RPN Work Relationships

·       Nursing Huddles

7 Leadership ·       Role of Leaders/Personal Leadership

·       Communication and Leadership

·       Change

·       Emotional Intelligence



Final Assignment

·       Scenarios

·       Written Assignment

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Course Refund Process

  • If you would like to withdraw from a course, please submit written notice prior to the date the course begins to be eligible for a refund (less a $25 administration fee).
  • Deferring a course to a later date will not incur the administration fees and the participant may select any course within one year of the initial registration date without penalty.
  • Course fees are non-refundable after 50% completion of the course duration
  • A request for a refund at any other point during the course must be submitted in writing for a partial refund (less the $25 administrative fee)

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