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Course Description

This Nursing Research Fundamentals course is a great introduction to the world of research. We will answer many questions in this asynchronous course, covering 8 weeks of study. Some of the topics covered will include: What is Nursing Research? How to develop a research question. How to Read and Understand Nursing Research. What is evidence-based nursing? How do you develop a research question? What is research ethics? What is critical appraisal? How to read and interpret research. What is knowledge translation? Methods to mobilizing research findings into practice. Components of a Research Proposal. What is knowledge dissemination? How to write an abstract. How to develop a conference poster… and more! This course runs: Winter (Jan 16) & Fall (Sept 18) 2023.

Course Content

Week 1 – Research Fundamentals

Week 2 – Role of Theory and Frameworks in Research

Week 3 – Critical Appraisal

Week 4 – Finding Research

Week 5 – Knowledge Translation Part 1 – Understanding the literature in the context of your research question

Week 6 – Knowledge Translation Part 2 – Using evidence to improve your nursing practice

Week 7 – Components of a Research Project

Week 8 – Creating Evidence

Course Objectives

The WeRPN De-mystifying Nursing Research is designed to provide learners with education and tools to support an understanding of Research in health care.

Day & Time

Asynchronous discussions in e-learning environment


Must be an RPN or other health care professional. Participants must have access to a computer, the Internet and possess basic computer skills to participate in the electronic class discussions.

Program Length & Delivery

The program is an online, eight week, asynchronous e-Learning course.


Upon finishing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion from WeRPN.


For course information please contact education@werpn.com

Register today: https://eshop.werpn.com/product-category/education-courses/

Course Cost

WeRPN Members:  $275.00 + HST = $310.75
Non-Members:  $357.50 + HST = $403.98


This course is limited to 25 participants;  registration is available on a first-come first-served basis, however, a waitlist will be available with notification provided to interested registrants.

To register please contact education@werpn.com for assistance or register online at: https://eshop.werpn.com/product-category/education-courses/

Course Refund Process

  • If you would like to withdraw from a course, please submit written notice prior to the date the course begins to be eligible for a refund (less a $25 administration fee).
  • Deferring a course to a later date will not incur the administration fees and the participant may select any course within one year of the initial registration date without penalty.
  • Course fees are non-refundable after 50% completion of the course duration
  • A request for a refund at any other point during the course must be submitted in writing for a partial refund (less the $25 administrative fee)

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