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Course Description

This course provides nurses with an understanding of how they can influence the decisions and policies that are most important to them and the people they care for. Nurses who understand policy development are well equipped to influence decision-making about professional practice issues in their workplaces and to contribute to the development of health and nursing policy. The course offers a critical examination of how decisions about health and nursing policies are made at different levels, from the point of care to the federal and provincial governments, as well as an overview of the important policy issues and strategies impacting Ontario’s health care system. Special attention will be given to how nurses work with their nursing colleagues and other stakeholders to utilize their knowledge and expertise to influence policy development both in their workplaces and on committees advising managers and/or government representatives.

Course Content

Week 1:  General

Introduction to the Course and How health Care Decisions are Made

  • How are health care decisions made?
  • What is policy?
  • The Policy Cycle
  • How are policies made (from the unit/departmental level to the national level)?

Week 2:  National and Provincial

Broad picture of Canada’s health care system

  • Federal and provincial perspectives

Week 3:  National and Provincial (continued)

Health care reform: how it impacts nurses and patient care

  • What nurses should know about health care reform

Week 4:  National and Provincial (continued)

Influencing health care decisions at the national and provincial levels

  • Ideas and health policy
  • Shaping health care decisions:  the role of professional associations and other interest groups

Week 5:  Provincial

Influencing health care policy

  • The nursing profession in policy and health care decisions

Week 6:  Provincial and Organizational

Funding, allocation & delivery of health care

  • Priority setting and allocation of scarce resources: how allocation decisions impact nurses

Week 7:  Organizational

Influencing policies at your workplace:  a key role for the nursing profession

  • Nursing leadership
  • Decision Ladder:  should nurses have input to all health care decisions?

Week 8:  Organizational (continued)

Impacts of the nursing profession on health care decisions

  • Impacts of the nursing profession on health care decisions
  • All students must submit their final assignment this week

Course Objectives

Leadership 2:  Influencing Change in Healthcare course is designed to provide learners with education and tools to support an understanding of the role of nurses in influencing health care transformation.


Participants must have access to a computer and basic computer skills to participate in the electronic class discussions and we would suggest that you first complete the course Leadership 1:  Developing Your Leadership .

Program Length & Delivery

The program is an eight week eLearning course.


For course information please contact Sharon Foster, at sfoster@werpn.com or call (905) 602-4664 x 225

Course Cost

WeRPN Members:  $275.00 + HST = $310.75
Non-Members:  $357.50 + HST = $403.98


Registration is now open

Next course starts January 18, 2021. This course is limited to 25 participants;  registration is available on a first come first serve basis, however, a waitlist will be available with notification provided to interested registrants.

To register please contact sfoster@werpn.com for assistance or register online at: https://eshop.werpn.com/product-category/education-courses/

Course Refund Process

  • If you would like to withdraw from a course, please submit written notice prior to the date the course begins to be eligible for a refund (less a $25 administration fee).
  • Deferring a course to a later date will not incur the administration fees and the participant may select any course within one year of the initial registration date without penalty.
  • Course fees are non-refundable after 50% completion of the course duration
  • A request for a refund at any other point during the course must be submitted in writing for a partial refund (less the $25 administrative fee)

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