E-Learning  >  Leadership 3: Championing Patient Centered Care

Course Description

Critical examination of patient centred care in nursing at the system and individual level to increase understanding of patient centred care at the individual RPN level. Personal reflection on the role of nurses in patient centred care are examined, focusing on the individual role of the practical nurse. This course runs: Winter (Jan 16) and Summer (June 19) 2023

Course Content

Week 1:  What is Patient Centred Care?

  • Introduction to the philosophy of Patient Centred Care
  • Video:  Through the Patient’s Eyes
  • Patient Scenario #1

Week 2:  Communication

  • Communication Techniques of Open Dialogue
  • Discuss homework from week 1
  • Patient Scenario #2

Week 3:  Knowing the Patient’s Story

  • Understanding the person behind the “chart”
  • Discuss homework from week 2
  • Discuss Video

Week 4:  Including Family and Friends in Care

  • Understanding the importance of including family and friends in care
  • Understanding the barriers to including family and friends in care
  • Discuss homework from week 3

Week 5:  Listening

  • Active listening techniques
  • Understand how to listen to others instead of yourself
  • Discuss homework from week 4

Week 6:  Shifting From Tasks to Outcomes

  • Understanding how to move from thinking about tasks to outcomes
  • Discuss homework from week 5

Week 7:  Personal Change

  • Reflecting on your own personal change throughout this course
  • Prepare final assignment

Week 8:  Keeping it Going Assignment Due

  • Understand how to keep the learning in place after the course ends

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the learner will be able to:

  1. Define what patient centred care is and how it is applied at all levels of organizations within the healthcare environment
  2. Understand the basics of individual ways to apply patient centred care
  3. Determine what is necessary to personally become more patient centred.
  4. Develop skills in communication, dialogue and inquiry to become more patient centred.
  5. Become adept at assessing patient centred traits and qualities in ourselves and others
  6. Learn how to develop patient centredness in ourselves and others
  7. Describe and understand how RPNs can play a leadership role in patient centred care.

Day & Time

Asynchronous discussions in e-learning environment


Participants must be an RPN or other health care professional. Participants must have access to a computer, the Internet and possess basic computer skills to participate in the electronic class discussions. For this course it is strongly recommended that you have previously taken Leadership 1 as this builds on that prior learning.

Program Length & Delivery

The program is an eight week eLearning course.

Register today: https://eshop.werpn.com/product-category/education-courses/


Upon completion, you will receive a certificate from WeRPN. You must complete all the requirements in order to be eligible to receive the certificate of completion.


This course will be facilitated by JP Munro, RPN


For course information please contact education@werpn.com

Register online: https://eshop.werpn.com/product-category/education-courses/

Course Cost

WeRPN Members:  $275.00 + HST = $310.75
Non-Members:  $357.50 + HST = $403.98


Please email education@werpn.com for additional information.

Register online at: https://eshop.werpn.com/product-category/education-courses/

Course Refund Process

  • If you would like to withdraw from a course, please submit written notice prior to the date the course begins to be eligible for a refund (less a $25 administration fee).
  • Deferring a course to a later date will not incur the administration fees and the participant may select any course within one year of the initial registration date without penalty.
  • Course fees are non-refundable after 50% completion of the course duration
  • A request for a refund at any other point during the course must be submitted in writing for a partial refund (less the $25 administrative fee)

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