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WeRPN, with support from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, is pleased to present 8 self-learning modules on Workplace Violence Prevention.

In 2010, Ontario revised legislation under Bill 168 to specifically strengthen protection against workplace violence and harassment. However, each of us can also make a difference in the workplace. The development of the Workplace Violence Prevention Toolkit was designed to support nurse’s knowledge and confidence in addressing workplace violence and harassment in their workplace.

The self-learning modules were developed in 10 sections (Intro, Overview and 8 modules) to provide flexibility of completion;  determine the number of modules that best fits your timeframe and return at any time to complete the series. Once you have viewed all 10 modules, please continue to our Workplace Violence Prevention Quiz where upon successful completion an email will be generated and sent to the address you have provided.



Workplace Violence:  Overview

Workplace violence overview – introduces the workplace violence toolkit.

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Workplace Violence:  Part 1 - Introduction

Workplace violence introduction. A look at workplace violence and how it relates to nursing professionals.

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Workplace Violence:  Part 2 - The Workplace

Workplace violence – a look at the workplace, potential issues and situations pertaining to workplace violence.

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Additional Files:  Are You At Risk for Workplace Violence (PDF)


Workplace Violence:  Part 3 - Responding

Responding to workplace violence. What to do and not to do.

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Workplace Violence:  Part 4 - Actions

Actions for dealing with workplace harassment & bullying.

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Workplace Violence:  Part 5 - Assertiveness

Being assertive in the workplace.

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Additional Files:  Assertion Self Assessment (PDF)


Workplace Violence:  Part 6 - Teamwork

Teamwork overview, barriers to teamwork and the RPN’s contribution to the team.

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Workplace Violence:  Part 7 - Leadership

Leadership overview and professional portfolio.

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Additional Files:  Assessing Leadership Skills (PDF)


Workplace Violence:  Part 8 - Emotional Intelligence

Competencies that influence the ability to respond to others through: developing emotional intelligence, skills for emotional intelligence use in the workplace, and for emotional intelligence in conflict management.

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Workplace Violence:  Part 9 – De‑Escalation

Recognizing potential for conflict, communication and managing conflict.

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Workplace Violence:  Part 10 - Responding to Dementia

The differences between delirium and dementia, behaviors and de-escalation.

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