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Nurses still waiting to receive government-promised $5k retention bonus

by WeRPN

Toronto, December 14, 2022 – Many Ontario registered practical nurses continue to wait for a $5,000 retention bonus promised to them by the provincial government. This initiative was aimed at retaining nurses on the front lines during the pandemic, but this prolonged delay is leaving many nurses further frustrated and feeling undervalued.

“RPNs must be treated fairly. Not receiving the retention bonus, promised by the government, is a slap in the face for many nurses who have continued to go above and beyond the call of duty over the last two years,” said Dianne Martin, CEO of WeRPN.

The retention bonus has been an ongoing challenge. While RPNs are appreciative of the bonus, it is a small measure that falls short of addressing the retention issues in the nursing workforce. WeRPN has continued to advocate for a meaningful wage increase for RPNs that reflects their knowledge and expertise. The association is also urging the government not to appeal the Ontario court decision striking down Bill 124.

RPNs are exhausted and continue to feel undervalued after sacrificing so much during the COVID-19 pandemic. The ongoing healthcare crisis is now pushing many RPNs to the brink with 47 per cent considering leaving the profession. At a minimum, the government must take swift action on delivering what was promised to nurses.

Without meaningful action, the current mass exodus of RPNs leaving the profession will continue to significantly impact Ontarians’ healthcare.

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