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Season’s Greetings from WeRPN

by WeRPN

This holiday season, let’s celebrate the remarkable skill, kindness and compassionate care RPNs share with us every day of the year – even on holidays.

We want share a few stories of caring moments with you.

From the entire team at WeRPN, we thank all of our healthcare providers and wish everyone a joyous holiday!

“I have laughed with my colleagues, cried with my patients, and worked to the full extent of my always-expanding knowledge every day.”

“My mom was a nurse and from age five I would ask her so many questions about her work. She was so smart and knew things that were a total mystery to non-medical people. When I was 16, it finally dawned on me that I too could be a nurse and know all of these things!”

“I got into nursing because I felt a calling to help people get better and had a feeling that it would be something I would excel at. I do that every day I come to work.”

“Imagine going about your day to day work. You see it as very routine. Then you receive a letter from a patient where they describe the difference you made in a very difficult time in their life. You are reminded that in fact what you do is not ordinary or routine. It’s a value that can’t be replaced.”

“I was waiting with a patient for the results of a possible cancer diagnosis. When the results arrived negative, we cried happy tears. They thanked me for being present, kind and caring.”



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