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Statement — February 12, Bill 124 deemed unconstitutional by appeals court

by WeRPN

WeRPN is pleased to see that the Appeals Court of Ontario has upheld what nurses have long asserted — that Bill 124 was unconstitutional. Since 2019, this bill has unjustly capped salaries and prevented nurses from bargaining fairly through their unions. Coupled with the continued rise of inflation, Ontario nurses' wages have fallen well below what they rightfully deserve.

Nurses are indispensable pillars of our healthcare system and deserve the same bargaining rights as other essential professions, such as police officers or firefighters. The toll of Bill 124 on nursing morale has been profound, reflected in growing numbers of RPNs contemplating leaving the profession as highlighted by WeRPN’s surveys over the past three years.

It is imperative that the government invests in nurses and bolsters the quality of care across our health system. WeRPN remains resolute in our commitment to advocating for fair wages and working conditions for all healthcare workers. Today’s ruling is a significant victory for nurses and a crucial stride toward recognizing their indispensable contributions to the healthcare system.

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