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Ontario Election 2022

by WeRPN

Over the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it more important than ever to act on behalf of Ontario’s registered practical nurses (RPNs). Issues such as wage compression, recruitment and retention challenges, surgical backlogs, long-term care, funding, mental health and community health care are all having an impact on Ontario’s nursing workforce and, ultimately, the future of health care for all Ontarians. In this next chapter, we must boldly address these issues to fix the health care system in the province.

WeRPN looks forward to continue working with Premier Ford’s government on these issues and advocating on behalf of Ontario’s RPNs for a fairer future.

Advocacy Toolkit for Members


WeRPN is pleased to be able to provide you with a toolkit to assist you in taking action to advance the policy priorities we have identified in consultation with the RPN community in Ontario.

The following documents provide a guide and serve as a set of practical tools to help with your advocacy towards WeRPN’s objectives during the general election in Ontario. Draft messaging is provided to assist WeRPN members, but these messages should be adapted to each member’s personal experience of the nursing profession and ideally include personal anecdotes highlighting the importance of the changes we are advocating for.

Letter from our CEO

Background on the Parties

Party Platforms

Election Advocacy Dos & Don'ts

Election Overview

Questions for Candidates & Canvassers

WeRPNs Key Messages & Asks


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