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We are

Dianne Martin, RPN

Chief Executive Officer
ext. 226

Kristel Flores

Administrative and Program Coordinator
ext. 234

Annette Weeres

Director, Professional Practice and Research
ext. 247

Norma Tomlin, RPN

Professional Practice Manager
ext. 251

Sharon Foster, RPN

Professional Practice Associate/Education Coordinator
ext. 225

Francine Georgopoulos, RPN

Professional Practice Associate
ext. 227

JP Munro, RPN

Jr. Professional Practice Associate
ext. 241

Maria Haris, RPN

Jr. Professional Practice Associate
ext. 241

Maureen Latocki

Director, Policy & Communications
ext. 223

Tiff Blair (on leave)

Director, Policy & Communications

Radhika Panjwani

Senior Advisor, Policy and Communications


Craig Swatuk

Director, Marketing & Membership Development
ext. 249

Rocio Lock

Director, Customer Relations & Administration
ext. 222

Olivia Vargas

Customer Services and Administration Specialist
ext. 221

Ruth Hernandez

Customer Services and Administration Associate
ext. 230

Itzel Gonzalez

Customer Services and Administration Associate
Ext. 228

Pia Ramos-Javellana

Director, Finance
ext. 239

Meena Bhatia

Accounting & Payroll Administrator
ext. 250

Noura Osman

Application Consultant
ext. 224

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