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We are

Dianne Martin, RPN

Chief Executive Officer
ext. 226

Kristel Flores

Coordinator, Programs & Office of the CEO
ext. 234

Annette Weeres

Senior Director, Professional Practice and Research
ext. 247

Norma Tomlin, RPN

Director, Professional Practice
ext. 251

Sharon Foster, RPN

Professional Practice Associate/Education Coordinator
ext. 225

Francine Georgopoulos, RPN

Professional Practice Associate
ext. 227

JP Munro, RPN

Professional Practice Associate
647-932-4246 ext. 341

Tiff Blair (on leave)

Director, Policy & Communications

Carrie Stephens

Communications Specialist

Craig Swatuk

Director, Marketing & Membership Development
ext. 249

Rocio Lock

Director, Customer Relations & Administration
ext. 222

Olivia Vargas

Customer Services & Administration Specialist
ext. 221

Ruth Hernandez

Customer Services & Administration Associate
ext. 230

Itzel Gonzalez

Customer Services & Administration Associate
Ext. 228

Carolina Ramirez

Administrative Assistant
Ext. 245

Elena Farina

Administrative Assistant
Ext. 254

Noura Osman

Application Consultant
ext. 224

Pia Ramos-Javellana

Chief Financial Officer
ext. 239

Meena Bhatia

General Accountant & Payroll Specialist
ext. 250

Aleli Santiago

Accounting Administrator & HR Support
ext. 252

Nasa Byambaa

Accounting Administrative Assistant
ext. 238

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