WeRPN is a recognized leader in professional practice. Our team has developed a series of resources on a range of topics to support RPNs in their practice settings.

NEW! Cultural Competence Resources for Nurses

Cultural competence is our ability to effectively interact with people belonging to different cultures and is a crucial skill for nurses to have. Click here to explore our new Cultural Competence learning modules!

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De-Escalation Series

The de-escalation series is designed to provide learners with support in recognizing behaviours that can potentially escalate and ways to safely de-escalate a situation and has been converted to self-directed learning modules for your convenience. Includes quiz and Certificate of Completion.

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Self-Care Toolkit

To be able to offer the best care to patients, nurses have to make sure they’re caring for themselves. This toolkit focuses on mental well-being, physical well-being and emotional well-being.

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Workplace Violence Prevention Toolkit

WeRPN, with support from the Ministry of Health, is pleased to present 8 self-learning modules on Workplace Violence Prevention along with a quiz and Certificate of Completion.

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New Grad Toolkit

The New Grad Toolkit is the latest offering in our resource line-up for student and New Grad members. This innovative resource was created with input from our New Grad members, and developed to support New Grads as they transition to nursing practice.

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Cannabis Resources

Legalization of non-medical cannabis requires nurses to have a greater understanding of our role and the patient implications. This page provides an overview.

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MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying) Resources

This page provides an overview of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) as well as several links to other important resources that are now available. As more information becomes available or changes occur, this page will continue to be updated.

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Nursing News and Updates

WeRPN is committed to keeping RPNs up to date on key happenings in the nursing sector.

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