Entry-to-Practice (Rex-PN) Exam

The Rex-PN exam is required of anyone applying to become a Registered Practical Nurse in Ontario. Effective January 4, 2022, the exam will test for the knowledge, skills and judgment nurses need at the beginning of their careers.

The REx-PN is being implemented in both Ontario by CNO and British Columbia by BCCNM. With the increasing demand for nurses each year in Ontario and British Columbia, more than 7,000 individuals apply to write the regulatory exam needed to practice as a Practical Nurse. CNO and BCCNM worked together to develop the new exam and related processes that will allow them to effectively test the large number of applicants for the competencies they need to practice safely.

Why was this change made?

According to CNO, the proposed change will:

  • improve public safety, as it takes into account current competencies needed by nurses; and
  • improve security, as with advancements in technology, it will be easier to proactively monitor and rapidly respond to breaches in exam security.

Writers of the current CPNRE exam are limited to three attempts on the exam. The REx-PN will be a different type of exam that will have no limits on the number of times a writer may attempt the exam. Regardless of the number of attempts, the only way a person will successfully pass the REx-PN is if they are able to show they have the knowledge, skill and judgment to practice safely as an entry-level practical nurse.

The REx-PN will be available to write at any time, although nurses will have to wait a minimum of 60 days between attempts. For more information, visit

CNO Jurisprudence Examination

The CNO jurisprudence examination assesses the knowledge and understanding of Ontario nursing regulation, by-laws, CNO practice standards and guidelines.

The open book online examination consists of 150 multiple choice questions to answer over a 3 hour and 45 minute period. You can repeat the exam as many times as required in order to pass.

Nursing Graduate Guarantee

The Nursing Graduate Guarantee (NGG) is an initiative of the Ontario Ministry of Health aimed at ensuring that every new nursing graduate (RN and RPN) who wishes to work full-time in Ontario will have that opportunity. Learn more

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