Fair Compensation for RPNs

We know fair compensation for RPNs is top of mind for many of our members. While we agree that PSWs should be paid more, so should RPNs. For well over a year, you have rolled-up your sleeves and made tremendous personal sacrifices. We encourage you to share your story and let government know about the valuable work you do.

Over the last few months, WeRPN has consistently been calling on the government to extend this pandemic pay increase to RPNs. We continue to raise this issue in meetings with government, through formal letters, media statements and opinions pieces. To date, the government has not changed course.

That’s why we need RPNs to add your voices because there is strength in numbers. We know that our RPN community has powerful stories to tell and we want to help you share them. We have prepared a template letter that you can customize to outline your concerns to your local Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP).

Download the MPP Letter

You can use this tool – Find my MPP on the Ontario government’s website to find contact information for your provincial representative.

Please Note:

  1. Your letter can be sent by e-mail or mail and should be sent to your MPPs constituency office (‘home’ or local office). You can get the MPP’s contact information when you enter your address in the “Find my MPP” tool.
  2. If you plan on sending the letter via e-mail, please save the letter as a PDF first and send it as an attachment. You can include a brief personal message in the body. See sample below:



Please find attached a letter regarding fair compensation for Ontario’s Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs). As a practicing RPN who lives in your riding, I am concerned that RPNs are being undervalued for the critical care that we provide for Ontarians.Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to your response.


We encourage you to include your personal stories to help government recognize the valuable work you do. We also ask that you communicate your concerns in a manner that is respectful and professional.Thank you for sharing your stories. WeRPN will continue to advocate on your behalf.

Read more about some of the ways WeRPN has continued to advocate for fair compensation:

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