Career Profiles:
Alexis Lamsen, RPN

Alexis Lamsen is an Internationally Educated Nurse (IEN) from the Philippines. Alexis completed his BScN program in the Philippines in 2010 and immigrated to Canada in 2013.

When Alexis registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) he registered as a practical nurse since this was equivalent to the nursing program in the Philippines. Alexis met with some challenges understanding the RPN scope of practice. However, he quickly overcame these challenges and transitioned well into the role of a Registered Practical Nurse.

Alexis’ practice includes nursing in both Canada and the Philippines. Currently, Alexis is employed with Shalom Village and at St. Joseph’s Health Care Hamilton. In addition to his two nursing positions, Alexis also works as a Research Assistant at McMaster University on a contractual basis.

Alexis also keeps himself busy as a valuable part-time instructor in the PSW program and is a teaching assistant with Professor Sadie Sattan at McMaster University for a bridging program for Internationally Educated Nurses. Alexis is extremely grateful to Professor Sattan for the opportunity to work with the physical assessment and professional issues courses, as this allows Alexis to maximize his potential as a nursing educator. Professor Sattan also supported Alexis in prepareing him for the vigors of hard work, perseverance, and dedication to perform in clinical and academic settings. Alexis expresses that Professor Sattan has been instrumental in expanding his network in his professional and personal career. Alexis stressed the importance of including Professor Sattan in his profile, because of the imense positive contribution she has made in his achievements.

Alexis shares that diverse experiences in various sectors of nursing have enabled him to fulfill a his potential. Being part of a research team to enhance palliative studies and pain assessment for older adults has provided him with insight to current processes, practices, implementation, and evaluation of palliative approaches. Alexis is always on the look-out for opportunities to further develop his career and increase his knowledge and competencies through continuing education.

Alexis’ most recent opportunity has been working on a project for the School of Nutrition, from the University of Waterloo that focuses on meal experiences for residents in Long-Term Care. Alexis is honoured to be an employee at McMaster and Waterloo Universities because the research is directly related to Alexis’ passion of working with older adults. The research studies are focused on the improvement of the health care delivery for older adults in long-term care homes.

Alexis’ clinical experience is in mental health, behaviour, and convalescent care of the elderly between two Long-Term Care facilities. Alexis adds that providing holistic care for our geriatric population with varying degrees of psychiatric illness is very fulfilling.

Alexis points out that the RPN role in the past few years continues to evolve as we continue optimize our role as nurses and part of the interprofessional team. Even though there remains some confusion with regards to the RPN and RN roles, RPNs and RNs have distinct yet overlapping scopes of practice and role clarity ensures optimization of all nursing professionals in all roles.

Alexis was recognized at Shalom Village as “Rookie of the Year” after a mere 9 months of employment. This honour is awarded to staff members for their outstanding service to continuing-care in the retirement community.

Alexis was featured in the Hamilton Spectator as part of a section on successful immigrants in Hamilton. The article, from July 2014, tells Alexis’ story of how he settled in Hamilton. For more on this story visit:

Alexis has made a difference working with internationally educated nurses (IENs);  he can relate to each of these nurses, since he himself has gone through a similar transition. CARE Centre for Internationally Educated Nurses recognized Alexis for his contribution to internationally educated nurses by presenting Alexis with the Joan Lesmond Award for the RPN IEN of the year for 2015. The award is named in honour of the late Dr. Lesmond, who was a nursing leader and internationally educated professor who championed access to the nursing profession and was a big contributor to the development of CARE Centre.

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