Career Profiles:
Cindy Read, RPN

Cindy Read, RPN, is a Nursing Instructor at Georgian College, who delivers the clinical aspects of advanced foot-care to PN students.

There’s something immensely satisfying about moulding the minds of Practical Nursing (PN) students and witnessing moments when there’s a perfect alignment of theory and practice, says Cindy Read, RPN.  As a Nursing Instructor at Georgian College, Cindy delivers the clinical aspects of advanced foot-care to PN students, a job she has held for more than five-and-half years.

“I love doing the clinical instruction,” Cindy noted. “I get the privilege of watching students experiencing several ‘aha’ moments when they apply critical thinking and are able to understand why we do certain things.”

Prior to becoming an instructor, Cindy was a community nurse for more than two decades and owned a chiropody business for several years. She initially wanted to pursue medicine or dentistry but felt nursing was the right choice.

Cindy is also a WeRPN Ambassador. “I have been a member since I graduated, and I advocate regularly about the benefits and supports available such as NEI educational opportunities, professional protection,” she explained. “I explain the value of a WeRPN membership to future nurses.”

At every stage of her professional life, whether it was community nursing; becoming an expert in foot and lower limb healthcare, or teaching, Cindy said she learned a thing or two about life and leadership. She learned, leadership is an honour and that good leaders are consistent, tough but fair (not mean); they have the ability to spell out their expectations with clarity, and last but not the least, they embrace a growth mindset.

Words of Wisdom

Knowledge is power, says Cindy. Her advice to nursing students who are about to embark on their career is:

  • Practice with compassion
  • Try to always remember why you got into nursing
  • Avoid burnout, there’s no shame is taking a break or practicing self-care if you’re feeling overwhelmed

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