Career Profiles:
Jen Calver, RPN

At a young age, Jen Calver’s desire to work with older adults was apparent. Drawn in by the amazing teamwork, collaborative approach to the delivery of healthcare services, and compassionate nature of nursing teams, support workers and health allies – these all contributed to inspire Jen’s career path to where she is today.

Jen Calver is an ambitious RPN, who is fulfilling her dreams of being a nurse. Jen passionately dedicates herself to interdisciplinary health teams, by engaging in continuous quality improvement initiatives, enhancing patient safety, mitigating risks, improving outcomes and encouraging herself to advance her academic career.

At present, Jen works for Northumberland County, Golden Plough Lodge. A long term care home located in Cobourg, Ontario. Jen also works for the Haliburton Kawartha Pine Ridge District Health Unit as an RPN Immunization Nurse for the Health Protection Division. She will be celebrating her 5-year nursing anniversary this summer.

Prior to nursing, Jen was employed as a Personal Support Worker for 12 years. With the support of her colleagues and family, Jen was inspired and motivated to follow her dreams and become a nurse. She had attended the Practical Nursing program at Sir Sandford Fleming College in Peterborough and graduated nursing in 2014. This new designation created a launching platform for several opportunities that led to enhancing her professional healthcare career.

In this short time, she has received several certifications, awards, and has completed a number of additional education courses. Jen’s dedication to lifelong learning and high academic standing led to her being the recipient of the 2014 RPNAO Award for Student Excellence and in 2018 she was the recipient of UOIT’s Student Training Assistantship Research (STAR) award. After graduating from nursing Jen continued to build upon her foundational nursing knowledge. In 2016, Jen received a Certificate from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology/Northumberland County for completing a Leadership Development Program. In 2017, Jen continued her leadership training and received a certificate from Silver Meridian for the DOC/ADOC Leadership Program for Senior Nurse Managers.

Jen remains committed to lifelong learning opportunities and continues to engage in nursing education and events to further enhance her professional practice. Currently, Jen is on track to obtain the Gerontological CNA Certification, and in addition is graduating from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology with her Bachelor of Allied Health Science (BAHSc) degree.

An equally significant aspect of Jen’s career includes her involvement in several committees. Along with being a member and supporter of the Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario (RPNAO), she is actively involved in the Canadian Gerontological Nursing Association (CGNA), the Gerontological Nursing Association of Ontario (GNAO), and she is presently the Professional Advocate Chair for the Central East Chapter of GNAO.

Accordingly, Jen was recruited by the Canadian Nurses Association as a subject matter expert to make contributions to the writing and revision of the development of the RPN/LPN Gerontological CNA Certification Exam. In conjunction, Jen facilitated discussions with Senior Leaders/Managers, health teams (regulated and non-regulated professionals), and members of the public, to reduce common misconceptions about the role of RPNs. This will create positive and high-performing interdisciplinary health-teams to ensure quality patient centered care is delivered.

Jen has participated in a variety of projects such as: Music & Memory (Dementia Strategy), Skin & Wounds, Falls Prevention & Intervention, Least Restraint, Safe Medication Administration and Tumefactive MS. She has also participated in research on Extending the Duluth Model to the workplace: Identifying bullying in the workplace led by Dr. Hannah Scott, and under the supervision of Dr. David Rudoler, on health research involving Indicators of polypharmacy and seniors as well as research on intellectual developmental disability and injury. The strong leadership, guidance, and mentorship offered by her employers, nursing colleagues and health-teams continue to motivate Jen’s active engagement in learning opportunities, leadership roles, and professional practice.

Jen’s unique nursing perspective contributes to the reason why she feels that being an RPN is important – noting that nursing is about overcoming barriers to identify an infinite number of possibilities to support and care for individuals, families, and communities. Jen further feels that while every nurse is educated according to entry-to-practice standards, each nurse expands upon their foundational skills and knowledge to gain expertise in various sectors and practice areas. Nurses are stronger together, as each nurse adds valuable contributions to supporting interprofessional health teams and improving the delivery of healthcare services to enhance patient outcomes.

Aside from work, Jens family, community commitments and hobbies presently consist of: having a beautiful family with her husband, raising two wonderful boys. In addition, Jen and her husband are celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary this Spring. Jen’s family enjoys BBQs, hiking, camping, and exploring the great outdoors. Additionally, Jen’s family includes her two dogs, Molly and Pipsqueak, who join them outdoors on their summer adventures. During her spare time, she enjoys reading books, gardening, and spending time with her family and friends.

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