Career Profiles:
Kevin Bourdeau, RPN

Kevin believes one of the greatest things about being a RPN is the lifelong learning that comes with the profession.

Kevin started on his path in healthcare as a PSW. In 2013, he graduated from Niagara College as a Registered Practical Nurse and now works at Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS).

Since becoming a nurse, he has been certified in Critical Practice Orientation (which allows him to work in more acute areas such as our Cardiac and Vascular program), Complex Wound Care, San’yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training, Delirium Workshop, Physical Assessment Workshop, GPA training, Education in Palliative/End-of-Life Care for Oncology patients and more. His goal is to participate in 1 to 2 workshops a year. In 2020, he looks forward to starting the Perioperative nursing course and working along side the surgeons in the operating rooms at HHS.

He has been a WeRPN Ambassador, sat on a committee to develop an RPN/RN skill mix for a high-observation room for the cardiac surgery program, and is now a member of the health and safety team and the code captain for the area he works in.

He began his nursing career in the Palliative/Oncology program at HHS. Since then he has moved to cardiac surgery where he has enjoyed the challenges and learning opportunities that come with working on such an acute floor. For the past 2 years, he has been involved in developing a role for RPNs in the Cardiac Ambulatory Clinic at HHS and has developed processes for the RPN role in both the Comprehensive Cardiology Clinic as well as the Heart Function Clinic.

COVID-19 has affected everyone on his team, according to Kevin. There have been many changes to how his team does their daily jobs. In his workplace, staff fill out an online screening survey prior to coming into work and then have to present the results to the screeners at the dedicated staff entrances. A lot of elective services were postponed to prepare for a possible COVID-19 surge. Overall, Kevin believes that HHS has done a lot of planning and put policies in place to keep the staff and patients healthy and safe. HHS is also offering free support for all HHS staff who need to talk to someone about how they are feeling during this time.

Kevin is most proud of how well everyone came together as a team during this pandemic. As one of Hamilton’s largest employers, HHS has a lot responsibility to keep the community and staff safe and healthy. They have been a world-class leader during this pandemic and have done their community proud.

Outside of work, in order to focus on balance and self care, Kevin enjoys being with family and friends, as they help him to stay grounded. He has started a daily mindfulness practice, which has been very beneficial in his everyday life and helped him cope with this new normal. Mindful breathing has become a big part of his daily routine, and it allows him to slow his thoughts down and enjoy being in the moment. And, when he finally has some spare time, he enjoys reading thriller novels.

Kevin believes Registered Practical Nurses bring so much to the healthcare table, especially at this time. They are an asset to a field that is forever changing and developing. RPNs bring with them a wealth of knowledge that is taught in school and then applied to real world situations. Being an RPN, he is always finding himself educating other members of the healthcare team about our role and scope of practice. There are other healthcare providers that have never worked with RPNs and really don’t know what the scope of practice entails. Kevin is proud to say that we are Registered Practical Nurses and we care.

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