Career Profiles:
Lise-Ann Workman, RPN

Continuous learning and a thirst for knowledge have been the foundation of Lise-Ann Workman’s professional life.

Lise Anne began her career in health care as a PSW. After graduating from Practical Nursing program from Conestoga College, she continued working in long-term care as a RPN. Five years ago, when a new opportunity knocked, she decided to venture into a completely new work setting.

“In my current role, I am responsible for initiating and maintaining intravenous lines and tubing; educating families, and administering medicines,” Lise-Anne explained adding her job also involves s fair bit of community nursing. “At the LTC, I did not have an opportunity to learn about biologics. Here, I am experiencing a whole new side of nursing and I love it.”

Originally from Perth County, in 2013, Lisa-Anne was among the first cohort of students to graduate from a PSW-RPN bridging program offered by Conestoga College. The program’s hands-on curriculum and her ability to apply the teachings in the workplace continue to be the secret to her ongoing success as a nurse. Last year, she successfully completed the Intravenous (IV) Certification program from Conestoga.

Lise-Ann said she would eventually like to advance her career to assume a leadership/educator role. Her role as a WeRPN Ambassador allows her to flex the skills needed to achieve that, she noted.

“Being a WeRPN Ambassador is a good fit for me,” Lise-Anne said. “I want to be a champion for RPNs at my work and share all the great things WeRPN does.”

In her five years at Innomar Strategies, Lise-Anne has seen the role of an RPN evolve and grow. She says as a WeRPN Ambassador, she wants RPNs to lead the development.

“When I first started at Innomar, RPNs were not doing infusions but within a year, the company began to utilize RPNs to their full scope of practice,” she said. “I am a bit of a pioneer for that reason.”

Her advice to new nurses:

  • Find mentors in your workplace
  • Hone your communications skills because it’s key to success
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • Always be thirsty for knowledge and willing to learn

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