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Wesley Green, RPN

“Importance of being a nurse... because I can make a difference with every client.”

Patric Campeau has been a Registered Practical Nurse for four years and is currently employed as a home health nurse with Saint Elizabeth Health Care.For Patric, nursing is a well planned second career:  he initially began his health care career in 2005 when he graduated from St. Lawrence College in Kingston as a Medical Laboratory Technician, he worked for four years in this role, and then entered nursing because he could make a greater difference with every client he meets and in his current role does that everyday.

In 2008 Patric graduated from St Lawrence College’s RPN diploma program in Cornwall and began working at Saint Elizabeth Health Care. In this nursing role he found he was frequently caring for clients with wound dressings and wanted to learn more about wounds and how to treat them. Patric pursued post-secondary education through Mölnlycke (a global education program based in Sweden) and also joined the Wound Care Champion Community Care Access Centre to enhance his knowledge.

Saint Elizabeth Regional Director Sandra McCormick, who was also instrumental in Patric’s knowledge acquisition, suggested that Patric continue his wound care education through an RPNAO Leadership Clinical Practice Fellowship, which he completed during the 2011-12 year. Patric was interested in working to his full scope of practice and wanted to focus on providing client centred care and wound prevention, with a specific focus on foot complications related to diabetes.

The fellowship offered Patric the opportunity to undertake a fully funded wound care mentor-based internship at his workplace. In addition to enhancing his education in wound care, the fellowship provided the opportunity for Patric to develop, with a mentor, a learning plan and a budget to address an identified gap at his workplace. He then dedicated 400 hours to his fellowship.During his fellowship Patric focused on how his role as a RPN contributes to a healthy workplace and the prevention and management of a chronic disease (diabetes). His fellowship supported:

  • Conducting a literature review including the RNAO Best Practice Guidelines for wound care and Arterial Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI) assessment
  • Conducting a review of Saint Elizabeth @YourSide Wound Care module (eLearning) as well as the relevant policies and procedures for current practice
  • Conducting a review related to Adult Learning Principles and how to teach clients related to self-care and prevention of wounds and foot complications
  • Completing clinical placements that included job shadowing community Enterostomal Therapists
  • Attending two wound related conferences (Canadian Association for Wound Care; Canadian Association of Enterostomal Therapists) which included information gathering, skill development, and liasing with wound care specialists
  • Conducting an educational session for peers related to lower leg assessment and treatment, and how to perform an ABPI

For Patrice the RPNAO Fellowship experience has improved his wound care knowledge and skill. He also has a better understanding of RN/RPN scope of practice related to wound care and has learned more about becoming a leader and resource to peers and clients. The RPNAO Fellowship has afforded Patric to gain expertise in lower leg assessment including ABPI, greater knowledge of treatment options, client resources and education. Additionally this experience has provided the knowledge and skills to enhance client care in the community by helping Patric to both question practices and promote best practices. This has resulted in more detailed histories and physical assessments, comprehensive treatment plans and client education.

In addition, Patric has completed the Canadian Vascular Access Association (CVAA) certification and Arterial Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI) certification with Saint Elizabeth Health Care and is actively involved in the Health and Safety Committee at Saint Elizabeth.

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