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The New Grad Toolkit is the latest offering in our resource line-up for student and New Grad members. This innovative resource was created with input from our New Grad members, and developed to support New Grads as they transition to nursing practice.

Research has shown that the first few years of practicing nursing can be difficult and present a variety of challenges. These challenges have been further intensified by staffing shortages and restrictions as a result of the pandemic. As your professional association, we want to ensure our New Grad members can overcome any obstacle they may face. The New Grad toolkit includes five modules to equip you for the nursing workplace and support you on your path ahead.

This module helps you navigate a variety of College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) resources and information including overviews of the seven Professional Standards, and provides details on Ethics standards, the six principles of the Code of Conduct, conflict prevention and management, and Unions and how they represent the interest of nurses in the workplace.

This module discusses the importance of Peer Support and Mentorship, and the benefits from these relationships.

This module offers insights into barriers to self care, self care strategies for both inside and outside the workplace, and mindfulness.

This module explores communication challenges for New Grads like dealing with patients and relatives, physicians, colleagues and manager, and offers strategies to resolve conflicts, and shares tips for effective communication.

This module focuses on causes of burnout in new grads, and how to recognize, cope, and prevent burnout.

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