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BEGIN – Free Info Webinar – July 13 @ 7pm

Jul 13, 2022

BEGIN Info - Bridging Educational Grant in Nursing program. This new government program provides tuition reimbursement to eligible RPNs and PSWs enrolled in an accredited RPN-RN or PSW-RPN bridging program. To help with your understanding of what the Program offers and the eligibility criteria we recommend you join us to hear more about the program, timelines, eligibility and more, and have the chance to ask questions yourself. The Program is part of the government’s commitment to recruit nurses to the Long-term Care (LTC) and Home & Community Care (HCC) sectors by supporting PSWs and RPNs to career ladder to RPN and RN roles respectively. BEGIN is expected to: Improve retention of nurses in the LTC/HCC sectors and foster a culture of excellence in LTC/HCC to make these sectors of choice for the nursing profession. To Register: 

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