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FREE for MEMBERS ONLY! WeRPN has developed a series of monthly educational webinars to support RPN professional development. RPNs can enhance their understanding of key topics ranging from research to continence to transgender health and more. See the WeLearn webinar topics below. (NOTE: for non-members, these webinars are $20). All past webinars can be viewed by members by simply logging in to the WeRPN website and viewing your LMS Dashboard.

REGISTER NOW! - “Life doesn’t stop”: Using the Driving and Dementia Roadmap to Support Driving Cessation - Feb 22, 2023 @ 7pm

Feb 22 @ 7 p.m. Decision-making about driving and the transition to non-driving is a challenging and complex issue affecting drivers with dementia and their families. Healthcare/service providers play an important role in facilitating and supporting drivers and their families to make this transition. In this webinar, Drs. Gary Naglie and Mark Rapoport, who lead a team of CCNA researchers focused on dementia and driving, will discuss how healthcare/service providers can address the issue of driving in persons with dementia. They will describe the development and evaluation of the Driving and Dementia Roadmap (DDR — www.drivinganddementia.ca) — a newly developed online educational resource — and demonstrate how to use the DDR to guide people with dementia, family/friend carers and healthcare/service providers through this process. Members register for free through their LMS Dashboard. Non-Members $20. Register at https://eshop.werpn.com/

PAST - JAN 18, 2023 - Trillium Gift of Life Tissue Recovery Program

Find out more about the Trillium Gift of Life Network’s Tissue program, where our speaker, Tera Gleason, RPN, is cross-trained in ocular tissue recovery, multi-tissue recovery (skin, whole heart, bones & tendons) and even the call centre where RPNs take referrals, gather consent and coordinate tissue recovery donation across the province. It is a very niche area for nurses, and we work alongside many other healthcare professionals! Visit your LMS Dashboard to view this past webinar.

PAST - Dec 7, 2022 @ 7pm - Championing Wound Care

Championing Wound Care – The importance  and impact of the role of a Champion. Heather Giorgi is an RPN and Wound Care Champion, who will share what this role entails, the education that is relevant, what the career path can look like, and some Wound Care advice and strategies for our nurses and patients as well. Visit your LMS Dashboard to view this past webinar.

PAST - Nov 17, 2022 @ 7pm - What's Happening at CNO?

What’s Happening – at CNO. Join us to hear the highlights, as well as an overview of the current and future Quality Assurance Program. We will also explore some common Practice-related Inquiries received by nurses, and touch on some important practice-related concerns that the CNO has heard from RPN’s. Please email any questions you would like covered to: ppractice@werpn.com. Join us for a chance to find out more and ask your CNO questions live too! Visit your LMS Dashboard to view this past webinar.

PAST - OCT 2022 - Navigating your Practice – Supporting RPNs day-to-day challenges

The WeRPN Professional Practice Team will provide you with up-to-date resources and supports for RPNs in Ontario. Join us in this free webinar to find out more about WeRPN Education, Practice Supports, Mentorship, Student and New Graduate resources, and many more additional supports offered through WeRPN. This is a great opportunity to ask questions of your Professional Practice team. Visit your LMS Dashboard to view this past webinar.

PAST - SEPT 2022 - The importance of MENTORSHIP in nursing

WeRPN is excited to share with you how easy it is to become an RPN mentor through the WeRPN Mentorship program – highlighting the importance of mentorship throughout your nursing career. We already know that you’re a great nurse, so let’s share that valuable knowledge through mentorship.

All nurses have an accountability to support learners and colleagues who are developing and refining the competencies needed for safe, ethical and effective practice. Supporting learners is one way nurses prioritize patient safety and well-being. This WeRPN program allows you the opportunity to match with your own mentee, and make a difference in nursing in Ontario.

Hosting our webinar this evening will be JP Munro and Emilija Stojsavljevic, both Ontario RPNs.

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PAST - AUG 2022 - A Day in the Life of a Street Nurse

Join us for a journey into street nursing. Find out what it means to be a street nurse. What is involved in the role, who are your clients and why is this role so valuable? What issues arise in street nursing and how do you prepare? What impact does a street nurse have in their community?..and so much more. Shaye Martorino is a Nurse Manager and RPN, with the Enhanced Shelter Support Program | Inner City Health Associates and will be shedding some light on a Day in the life of a Street Nurse. Join us!

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PAST - JULY 2022 - Bridging with BEGIN - Answering your questions

The Bridging Educational Grant in Nursing program – BEGIN. This new government program provides tuition reimbursement to eligible RPNs and PSWs enrolled in an accredited RPN-RN or PSW-RPN bridging program. To help understand what the Program offers and the eligibility criteria we recommend you join us to hear more about the program, timelines, eligibility and more. The Program is part of the government’s commitment to recruiting nurses to the Long-term Care (LTC) and Home & Community Care (HCC) sectors by supporting PSWs and RPNs to career-ladder to RPN and RN roles respectively. BEGIN is expected to: Improve the retention of nurses in the LTC/HCC sectors and foster a culture of excellence in LTC/HCC to make these sectors of choice for the nursing profession.

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PAST - JUNE 2022 - Understanding your Professional Liability Insurance - June 20 @ 7-8:30pm

Understanding your Professional Liability Insurance where you will gain a better understanding of how your PLP insurance protects you. Learn why your employer insurance may be insufficient. Understand the types of exposures you may face as nurses and receive tips on what you can do to protect yourself and how to avoid a professional liability claim.

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PAST - APR 2022 - the Diabetic Educator Role for RPNs

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Diabetic Educator? Would you like to find out more about the journey and what the position involves? Join us for an evening of education and find out how a Diabetic Educator can assist in supporting healthier outcomes for their patients, and how you can apply this new knowledge to your own patients now!

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PAST - MAR 2022 - Creating positive, safe and productive RPN/UCP relationships

Nurses have a professional obligation to delegate responsibly to other members of their healthcare team to ensure the safety of their patients. In this webinar, we help clarify the Unregulated Care Providers role, the nurse’s and UCP responsibilities, CNO guidelines, controlled acts, when to delegate, teaching, accountability, supervising, support and most importantly, how to create positive working relationships for all.

Hosting this webinar will be Norma Tomlin, RPN who brings her years of community support and regulatory expertise to the chat. Joining her will be Francine Georgopoulos, RPN with extensive LTC and CNO experience to further support the evening’s discussions.

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PAST - FEB 2022 - Focus on your own Self Care - Mental Health

WeLearn Webinar – Our Mental Wellness is being negatively impacted every day during this pandemic. We will discuss and address resources, supports and strategies that impact both nurses and their patients during this live webinar. Join Debora Cowie, Mental Health RPN, who will speak from the perspective of a front-line nurse with over 30+ years of practical knowledge. She is joined by Lindsay Killam of TELUS Health MyCare who provides us with insight into Mental Health app supports, resources, and strategies aimed at addressing the stressors faced by nurses at this time.

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