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WeRPN has developed a quarterly series of FREE educational webinars to support RPN research and provide updates to our own progress at WeRPN.

May 2022 - VIEW PAST WEBINAR - Duty of Care - RPN experiences in LTC with Dr. Denise Connelly

Duty to Care through COVID-19: Experiences of personal and professional resilience of Registered Practical Nurses in long-term care homes. May 17 @ 7pm

Collegial support, confidence in self and resilience are rooted in the experiences of RPNs. This was never more important for Registered Practical Nurses working in long-term care homes than during the COVID-19 crisis. Understanding the experiences of RPNs during COVID-19 is critical to informing the development of health, social and institutional policies within the LTC home sector. This research study asked RPNs to tell their story.  Dr. Denise Connelly, Western University, will present the results aimed at understanding the experiences of RPNs during the COVID-19 pandemic through the lens of personal and professional resilience. This presentation will describe diverse perspectives about how RPNs worked through unprecedented challenges. Results will be shared about how the research findings have informed the development of supports, programs and resources by WeRPN to help nurses become and remain resilient in their duty to care in long-term care homes, and across practice settings during this pandemic and beyond. Includes Dr. Denise Connelly, Norma Tomlin and Jen Calver. Webinar recorded on May 17 2022 @ 7pm.

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Feb 2022 - VIEW PAST WEBINAR - Experiences of RPNs moral habitability in LTC during COVID

Join us to learn more about the findings of a new study focused on RPNs’ experiences of moral distress in LTC during COVID. This FREE webinar presentation will focus on the findings of Dr. Elizabeth Peter’s research team. Now hear Dr. Peter live and ask questions that can enhance your work life while still living during this pandemic experience.

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DEC 2021 - VIEW PAST WEBINAR - Research and the RPN - presented by Dr. Nancy Snobelen, Ben Hartung & Jen Calver

Learn about the WeRPN Research Strategy and why it is important to you. Presenter Dr. Nancy Snobelen will provide the current status of all the activities under the WeRPN Research Strategic Plan 2021-2024 and the next steps of the implementation. Ben Hartung will introduce the new e-learning course “De-mystifying Research – An introductory course on nursing research”, and learn from a first-hand account how Jen Calver, RPN, has incorporated research into the reality of her professional life.

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