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WeRPN responds to Ontario Government announcement to limit LTC nurses and staff to one location

by WeRPN

Today the Ontario government announced plans to limit staff from working at more than one Long Term Care home to stop of the spread of #COVID-19. See our statement below:
"WeRPN applauds the government’s action to curb the spread of COVID-19 among Ontario’s most vulnerable populations by limiting long term care (LTC) staff to working in one location. Along with prioritizing protective equipment for this sector, implementing widespread testing and putting in place rigorous infection control measures, we believe this measure will help protect residents, nurses and staff from this deadly virus. Recognizing that large numbers of RPNs in LTC currently hold more than one part-time position, we look forward to further details about the government’s plans to offer financial support to these dedicated nurses and to operationalize these measures to ensure we continue to have needed health care workers on the front lines."

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