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WeRPN responds to Ontario Government Commitment to Launch Independent Commission into Long-Term Care

by WeRPN

Today the Ontario government announced that it plans to launch an independent commission into Ontario's long-term care system beginning in September.  See a statement from WeRPN CEO Dianne Martin below:

"WeRPN welcomes today’s decision to launch an independent commission into Ontario’s long-term care system this September. Although this is a positive first step, we urge the government to ensure that the work of the Commission is done in an open and transparent manner and that the terms of reference ensure the commission can fully examine the COVID-19 illnesses and deaths that have occurred within the long-term care sector. This should include consideration of both government and health system response to the pandemic as well as long-standing, systemic challenges the sector has faced.  And while we need time for a commission to complete a thoughtful, in-depth review – including consultation with families, residents, and front-line health professionals – this must not prevent government from taking immediate action to address ongoing crises in the sector.

We are pleased to see that the government is committed to learning from the horrific impact of COVID-19 This is the right decision. As we move past this current crisis it will be imperative to examine where gaps exist and to work together to ensure residents and staff receive the care and protection they deserve so we can prevent similar tragedies in future.”


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