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WeRPN statement in response to launch of Independent Long-Term Care COVID-19 Commission

by WeRPN

Today the Ministry of Long Term Care announced the launch of an Independent Commission, led by Associate Chief Justice Frank N. Marrocco, Angela Coke and Dr. Jack Kitts to examine how COVID-19 spread within long-term care homes, the impact on residents, staff, and families, and the overall response by the province and other parties to prevent, isolate and contain the virus. In response, WeRPN has issued the following statement:

We are pleased to see the government move forward with establishing the Independent Commission that will examine the circumstances which resulted in the tragic loss of life in Ontario long term care facilities as a result of COVID-19. As the professional association representing Ontario’s RPNs, who make up the majority of nursing staff in LTC, we look forward to working with the Commissioners to address many of the longstanding issues that have plagued this sector for many years. The pandemic highlighted the many systemic challenges that nurses have been calling attention to for years and the more than 20,000 Ontario RPNs working in the LTC sector are eager to bring forward their solutions from the front lines. We are optimistic that this Commission will be focused on meaningful action and change so we can protect the safety and well-being of residents and ensure similar tragedies are avoided in future.

– Dianne Martin

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