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WeRPN Supports Bill to Legislate Nurse-to-Patient ratios

by WeRPN

WeRPN is proud to celebrate Nursing Week 2024 and recognize the incredible contributions of nurses across our province. This year’s theme, Innovators: RPNs Shaping the Future of Healthcare, highlights the dedication and commitment of nurses who continue to be on the frontlines of our health system, whether they entered the profession a decade or a month ago.

As part of our ongoing advocacy for nurses, WeRPN is pleased to support the Patient-to-Nurse Ratios for Hospitals Act, 2024 which was introduced today in the Ontario Legislature. This bill would ensure appropriate nurse-to-patient ratios that would allow RPNs in hospitals manageable workloads and the ability to provide safe and effective care to their patients. This is an important first step to implementing manageable workloads across sectors.

“Speaking on behalf of RPNs across the province, I urge all MPPs to support this important legislation. For too long, short staffing has become normalized. This is a critical issue that affects the health and well-being of our communities today and tomorrow,” said WeRPN CEO Dianne Martin at a Queen’s Park press conference today, alongside bill sponsor MPP France Gélinas – a longtime advocate for RPNs.

A significant body of research has shown that nurse-to-patient ratios improve patient outcomes, reduce mortality rates, and decrease the length of hospital stays. Hospital patients who receive care from nurses with lower patient loads are more likely to be satisfied with their care and have better overall experiences.

We have been urging the government to introduce mandated nurse-to-patient ratios and are calling on them to support the Patient-to-Nurse Ratios for Hospitals Act, 2024, to help ensure patients across the province can receive optimal care. Once nurses have manageable workloads, we can begin to ease the strain on the province’s hospital systems and provide the best possible care for Ontarians.

We look forward to continuing to work with elected officials and our healthcare partners to champion meaningful change in the healthcare sector.

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