Partnerships & Recruitment

The voice of the RPN is sometimes requested through membership recruitment for research projects.

Internal Projects:

To facilitate, WeRPN supported or initiated research projects will utilize direct email, eNewsletters, journals and social media processes for participant recruitment. All requests for electronic recruitment will be directed to the Communications Team, once recommended by the Research Advisory Council with final approval from the Senior Director, Professional Practice and Research.

External Projects:

On occasion and with increasing frequency, WeRPN is asked to assist with recruitment of RPN participants for external research studies. For external studies to be considered, an External Request Form including a one -page project summary describing the study proposal, methodology, knowledge mobilization plan, anticipated timelines and the informational recruitment poster/flyer/link materials must be submitted to the Research Advisory Council.

Criteria for approval includes:

  • Alignment with WeRPN strategic priorities,
  • Demonstrated benefit to the RPN profession,
  • Involvement of RPNs in research design, planning, implementation, and knowledge mobilization, and
  • Acknowledgement of involvement or collaboration with WeRPN

Once approved by the Research Advisory Council with final approval by Senior Director, Professional Practice and Research, all requests for electronic recruitment will be directed to the Chief Strategy Officer. To facilitate recruitment, the information provided will be included in the eNewsletters, and on Social media channels –Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, depending on the type of recruitment, e.g., survey link, contact information and the time of the recruitment.

External recruitment will not occur during:

  • Nurses’ week (May)
  • early July to mid-September
  • October 14 – 31
  • Dec 15 – Jan 15.

Recruitment notices will be sent out a maximum of three times. If conflicting requests occur, external requests will not supersede or contradict a WeRPN project or event and will be delayed or denied, as required. If approved, notification will be sent to the researcher with details on when the digital recruitment efforts occurred. Knowledge dissemination will proceed according to the plan outlined in the study. Researchers will be asked to share the results of the study through peer-review published reports or otherwise noting the number of RPNs who participated and pertinent results.

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