Career Resources:

As you advance your career as an RPN you are faced with new challenges, expanding roles, responsibilities and enrichment opportunities. Setting realistic and strategic goals ensures you have a career by design and not by drift.

Mentorship is a powerful way to help you realize your career goals. Mentorship is a longer-term relationship in which someone with more experience and wisdom (the mentor) supports and encourages another (the mentee) as that individual grows and develops professionally and personally.

As our goal is to assist in meeting your ongoing career and learning needs, we are pleased to once again partner with donnerwheeler to provide the Introduction to Mentorship Module and the WeRPN Mentor Directory (exclusive to WeRPN members) to support your career and learning needs.

Components of the Mentorship Program include:

  • A mentorship module that will enhance and extend the current donnerwheeler Career Directions program;
  • Career conversations with a focus on mentorship, from both the mentor and mentee perspective and;
  • A mentee and mentor matching program exclusively for WeRPN members.

Additional Resources

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