Career Resources:

The Career Directions program has been customized by professional development experts Gail Donner and Mary Wheeler as a guide for RPNs to use as they travel along their career journeys. It provides RPNs with an opportunity to review their career to date; learn strategies to assist in making future career decisions; and learn how to develop a career plan.

The program will introduce you to the concepts, skills, and tools of career planning and development through a series of online multimedia videos. The audio visual portion of each module will take approximately five minutes to complete. Then, there is an opportunity to explore what each module means to your career with independently completed activities. The activities are in PDF format, so you can download them, work on them at your leisure and keep them to revise and change as you develop over time. There are also links to additional resources, including information and tips on résumés and interviews. The program also includes web-based seminars led by a career coach, in which you will have an opportunity to ask questions and talk with other participants.

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